Cowboy Singer & His Inspiration

Miss Alex (Pour back-up singer) snapped this photo of a momentous meeting recently.  Here the horse lauded in One Horse Power, Beaumont, meets the guitar on which his tribute song was written. 


Writes Alex...

"One might expect an animal of flight to be spooked by such an unknown thing -- a shiny, vibrating box of sound -- but Beaumont met this challenge with particular grace. In fact, he was very trusting of the Colonel.  "He trusts me," said Parker, "It's because we've been through a lot together.  To any other horse I might appear as a two-headed monster wearing this guitar."  But to Beaumont, this was just his friend holding a piece of vibrating wood.  "He's used to hearing me sing," said Parker, "but this was his first time seeing the guitar, and he was great about it!" 

Sam Petite (Pour bassist) was sad to learn that Parker would not be bringing Beaumont into Toronto for a photo shoot in front of the Cameron House. "How hard can it be to put him in a box and bring him off for a few minutes?"  That notwithstanding, "There's a city bylaw that only the police can ride a horse in the streets of Toronto," said Parker, dodging a bullet.  "It's not that Beaumont wouldn't like the people at the Cameron House, but he really, really doesn't like to drink beer, believe me, I've tried" said Parker. 

Happily, he likes music."